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Journey for Justice - Media Reports

July 23 - View entire rally at the Federal Court House in Binghamton, NY.
Speakers: Steve Downs, Kathy Manley (2:48), Lynne Jackson (8:54), Dominick Calsolaro (19:54), Jack Gilroy (25:34), and Joe Lombardo (38:04).

July 29, "Supporters of Jailed NY Imam Submit Petition for His Release", Democracy Now!

July 25, “In solidarity with Yassin Aref: A woman’s ‘Journey of Justice’” by Joseph Piette, Workers World

July 25, “Imam’s Petition Nearly Washed Away in Susquehanna River!” by Karin Friedemann, The Muslim Observer

July 24, “Woman finishes walk to Binghamton for mosque pair,” Long Island Newsday

TV Coverage of Rally and March in Binghamton

July 24, “Albany woman's journey to support Aref and Hossain” by Kumi Tucker, WNYT Channel 13 (Albany), report and video

July 24, “Jailed Imam Petitions,” WBGH/WIVT NewsChannel 34 (Binghamton), report and video

July 23: “Woman walks, paddles from Albany to Binghamton in protest” by Kelly McCarthy, WBNG-TV (Binghamton), report and video

July 23, “Journey for Justice walk from Albany to Binghamton,” YNN (Albany)

July 23, “Woman ends 133-mile walk in Binghamton advocating for new trials for mosque leaders” by Anthony Borrelli, PressConnects.com (Binghamton)

Long interview with Lynne Jackson on the Journey for Justice:

July 22, “Walk to Support Jailed Imam,” WIVT/WBGH NewsChannel 34 (Binghamton), report and video interview with Lynne Jackson

July 19, “The Road to Justice Is Paved with Truth,” editorial by Melissa Hale Spencer, Altamont Enterprise

July 19, Altamont Enterprise, “Photos of Journey for Justice”

July 19, “Woman walks for jailed Albany imam” by Denise Richardson, Daily Star (Oneonta)

“Albany woman walking in show of support for imprisoned imam” by Sara Foss, Daily Gazette (Schenectady), July 17

July 16, WCDO Radio News (Chenango, Delaware, Otsego and Broome Counties)

WNBF-AM, Binghamton, “Binghamton Now” with Bob Joseph, July 16

July 16, “Terror Supporter May Have Free Speech Case” by Marlene Kennedy, Courthouse News Service

July 16, WNBF-AM radio, “Binghamton Now” with Bob Joseph (no link)

July 16, “New York Woman Launches ‘Journey for Justice’ for Jailed Imam, Democracy Now!, July 16, (text), video starts at 9:01

July 15, “Woman walking from Albany to Binghamton for pair convicted after Albany mosque raid,” The Republic, Columbus, Indiana

July 15, “Journey for Justice” by Ashley Biviano, The Evening Sun (Norwich) (Partial)

Woman on Albany-to-Binghamton walk for mosque pair” by Associated Press, Wall Street Journal, July 15,

“New Evidence Suggests Muslim Convicted of Terrorism Charges Was Falsely Identified as Al Qaeda Agent” by Kevin Gosztola, Firedoglake, July 15,

“Woman Begins 133-mile walk seeking appeal in terrorism case” by Matthew Hamilton, Albany Times Union, July 13

Jackson seeks justice for jailed imam, Altamont Enterprise, July 12, 2013

TV Coverage of Rally and March in Albany

Channel 10
July 12, “Lawyers for Yassin Aref filing motion for new trial citing new evidence” by Taryn Kane, WTEN News 10 (Albany), report and 2 videos

Channel 13
July 12, “Rally for retrial of 2 Albany men to be held,” WNYT Channel 13 (Albany), report and video

Channel 6
July 12, “Support for convicted Imam” by Matt Markham, CBS6 Albany, video

July 12, “Rally for men convicted on terror charges,” YNN (Albany), report and video by Erin Vannella

Fox 23
July 12, “Yassin Aref supporters rally for new trial,” Fox23 (Albany), report and video

WGY-AM, Albany, Diane Donato, July 12

July 11, NY Citizen Justice Advocates On The Move This Weekend by Dave Lucas, WAMC-FM radio (Albany), report and audio interview

Walking 133 miles for justice, published on the Times Union blog "Information without the Bun" by Roger Green on Thursday, July 11

July 11, “Yassin Aref’s Journey for Justice: New Evidence Triggers Emergency § 2255 Motion to Rehear FBI Entrapment Case,” The Sparrow Project

July 11, Occupy Wall Street News and Events

July 8, “Support Yassin Aref and Mohammed Hossain,” action alert by Washington Report for Middle East Affairs

Yassin Aref’s Journey for Justice: New Evidence Triggers Emergency § 2255 Motion to Rehear FBI Entrapment Case

July, “Journey for Justice Come Join Us Make a Difference,” Political Prisoner Solidarity Movement

“Petition Delivery Service,” AlbanyWebLog, July 7

June 30, “Albany man in prison on terror charges seeks retrial” by Steven Cook, Daily Gazette (Schenectady), PDF here

New trial sought for ex-imam, written by Brendon Lyons of the Times Union, published on June 26

“Appeal sought in ’06 terror plot case” by Jason Kasman, Albany Times Union, June 19,

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