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About Project SALAM - Support and Legal Advocacy for Muslims

Following 9/11 the FBI and Justice Department indicated that they were operating under a new paradigm of preventing terrorist attacks before they occurred.  This paradigm suggested that charges could be brought against people who they suspected might commit crimes in order to obtain convictions before any crimes actually occurred. Such prosecutions seem in fact to have occurred and it appears that completely innocent Muslims have been convicted and sent away for long prison sentences based only on suspicion and concocted charges.  In this web site we propose to examine the US post-9/11 terrorism prosecutions and determine whether in each case there was substantial evidence of criminality or simply evidence unfairly concocted and/or twisted to convict innocent Muslims. 

Tactics Used in Prosecution

We also propose to examine the tactics and strategies of the prosecution in these cases to determine if the government, in their effort to obtain convictions against Muslims, has stretched legal concepts beyond the point where a fair trial is possible, and is unfairly damaging communities.  These tactics include: