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The Albany City Council
Passed the Resolution in Support Justice for Muslims Targeted by
Preemptive Prosecution

Read press reports here:

Press Release from Project SALAM - Victory! The Albany Common Council passes the resoluion

Letter written by resolution sponsor the Honorable Dominick Calsolaro to President Obama on April 7, 2010

March to City Hall

Read report and see photos of the rally at AlbanyWebBlog

Report from WAMC

Times Union Blog - Please post your comments!

WNYT, Channel 13 did a good report prior to the event

Blogger Albany Citizen One

Report from the Peace and Justice Foundation

Read the complete resolution introduced by the Honorable Dominick Calsolaro and passed by the Albany, NY Common Council on April 5, 2010

Read the Inspector General's Report referenced in the resoluion (see pages 18-19).

Watch the Albany Common Council Meeting

Below, is the first half of the Albany, New York, Common Council meeting where the resolution was passed.

The public comment period begins around minute 14:52 (prior to that time, the Council holds a public hearing on an urelated topice). :

Below, is the second half of the Albany, New York, Common Council meeting where the resolution was passed.

The Common Council members begin to discuss the resolution around minute 22:30 (prior to that time, the Council conducts urelated Council business):

Please note, these videos were provided by the wonderful volunteers at Albany Community Television (ACT). We are deeply grateful for the filming of the event. To play these movies, Adobe Flash Player is necessary.

Here is the information on the rally and march. If you would like to have a similar event in your city or town, please feel free to use any of the information here:

Rally and March

In Support of

Justice for Muslims Targeted by
Preemptive Prosecution

Monday, April 5, 2010

Meet at the Washington Avenue Armory at 6 P.M.
March to Albany City Hall, Eagle Street, Albany

Join us for a rally, march to City Hall, and
action to support justice for targeted Muslims.

Yassin Aref and Mohammed HossainHere in Albany, many people believe that two Muslim men, Yassin Aref and Mohammed Hossain, were preemptively prosecuted by the use of a long and costly FBI “sting” operation that resulted in their convictions and long prison sentences. Both men are still in prison — hundreds of miles from their wives and children.

On April 5, Albany City Councilman Dominick Calsolaro will introduce a resolution to the Albany City Common Council requesting that the U.S. Department of Justice implement the recommendation of its own Inspector General: to review ALL of the convictions of Muslims who have been preemptively prosecuted to determine whether these prosecutions met in all ways the high standards of truth, openness, fairness, and justice that are embodied in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The Muslim Solidarity Committee and Project SALAM (Support And Legal Advocacy for Muslims) invite you to join us for this rally and march to show your support for wrongfully prosecuted Muslims. After the march, anyone can address the Albany Common Council, and speak in favor of the resolution, for a maximum of five minutes at the Common Council meeting at 7 P.M.

Schedule of Events
6 P.M. Rally at Washington Ave. Armory • 6:15 March to Albany City Hall
6:45 Arrive at City Hall • 7 P.M. People may speak in favor of resolution at Common Council meeting

For more information, contact Lynne Jackson at 434-6659 or lynnejackson@mac.com
See the original flyer by clicking here

Free Aref and Hossain Banner
Photo of banner by Connie Frisbee Houde, August, 2009