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Khalifa Al-Akili

Click here to sign a petition in support of communtation of Khalifa Al-Akili's sentence

Donate to a phone fund for Khalifa

At the time of Khalifa's arrest, he was married with a small baby. As a result of his arrest, his wife left the country and is currently living with relatives in the UK.

Keeping in touch with his wife an daughter are extremely important to Khalifa, but, overseas phone calls are expensive. It is important to us to help Khalifa keep in touch with his family.

Please donate to a phone fund for Khalifa. All the funds raised for Khalifa's phone fund will be spent for his phone calls or email communications.

Learn more about Khalifa's case:

Watch the documentary (T)ERROR


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Khalifa Al-Akili

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LISTEN: Extended interview with Khalifah al-Akili from Federal Prison; Says FBI Tried to Entrap Him

FBI Informant Exposes Sting Operation Targeting Innocent Americans in New "(T)ERROR" Documentary

The Guardian

'Taliban sympathiser' arrest prompts new questions about FBI tactics

Who is Khalifa?

Khalifa al-Akili is a Muslim American from the Pittsburgh area who is married with a young daughter. He is a conservative Muslim, who was simply living his life and taking care of his family. He was targeted by the FBI because of his religion, and is now serving time in a federal prison.

Had the FBI never targeted Khalifa, we believe he would still be living peacefully in Pittsburgh with his wife and child.

In 2012, Khalifa became aware that an FBI informant was attempting to befriend him. When a second informant appeared, Khalifa had had enough, and emailed Project SALAM (among other organizations), asking for assistance to sue the FBI for their tactics in targeting him.

A few days later, the National Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms (NCPCF) arranged to bring Khalifa to a press conference in Washington, DC, to tell his story of what it was like to be a target of an FBI informant. Unfortunately, Khalifa was arrested the day before the press conference, and he was silenced.

The FBI charged him with a weapons violation based on a picture Khalifa had posted on his Facebook page two years prior, when he and some friends went to a gun range. Khalifa had previously been convicted and served time for a crime that had nothing to do with terrorism, and was not allowed to possess a gun. He took a plea deal of eight years, because he did not have the resources to fight the charge.

As a result of his arrest, his wife and daughter voluntarily left the country and now live with relatives in England.

His story is told in a remarkable new movie called (T)ERROR. In this film, the movie-makers follow an FBI informant as he is doing a sting on Khalifa. The movie is made with the consent and knowledge of the informant; the FBI appeared not to be aware of the filming.