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Get on the Bus & Say No to Racism and Bigotry!

September 11 Rally Against

Anti-Islamic Bigotry and Racism in NYC

View & share the rally on FaceBook

On September 11 the Tea Party and its racist and right wing allies plan to again demonstrate at the World Trade Center site. For months these bigots have attempted to whip up hysteria against a proposed Islamic mosque and community center several blocks from the WTC. On September 11 right wing, Christian fundamentalist plan a “Burn the Quran” day at a Florida mosque. These same forces targeting mosques around the country are waging a national hate campaign against all people of color and immigrants.

We need to stand up to these racist forces. Together our voices are strong

It is essential that we have a good turn out for this rally. If your Jewish neighbor had a swastika painted on his house, or your African-American neighbor had a cross burned on her lawn, you would have to chose whether to remain silent or make a public statement against racial hatred and bigotry in your community. If you and the rest of the community remained silent it would amount to tacit approval of the bigotry and the bigotry would escalate. Silence implies consent and complicity.

We are faced as a nation with just such a choice in standing up for our Muslim neighbors. Silence implies consent and complicity in the bigotry being cynically mounted against them largely for political reasons. It is essential that each one of you stand up and be counted.

Event Schedule in NYC

• 1:00 PM Assemble at the east side of City Hall, Manhattan, New York City facing Brooklyn Bridge
• March to the rally at Park Place & Church Street
• 2:00 PM Rally for Unity

Get on the bus!
Bus from Albany leaves at 8:00 AM

A chartered bus will leave from the Masjid As Salam Mosque at 276 Central Ave, Albany NY, at 8:00 AM on Saturday 11, 2010, to take people to the NYC counter rally. The cost is $25 per person (and if you want to make an extra donation it may help someone go who could not otherwise afford the fee.) To reserve a seat on the bus send a check, with your email address and cell phone number (if any) to Lynne Jackson at 223 South Swan Street, Albany NY. 12202. After Wednesday, September 8, email Lynne Jackson at lynnejackson@mac.com to reserve your space on the bus and pay on Saturday. Questions? Call Lynne Jackson at 518-434-6659

Bus from Albany sponsored by
Project SALAM, Muslim Solidarity Committee, and the Masjid As Salam

Meet at the Masjid As-Salam Mosque, 276 Central Avenue, Albany, NY 12206

Download a printable flyer here.

View a video announcement here.

Calling for an end to targeting of Muslims - Philadelphia, August 31, 2010

Map to Masjid As-Salam, 276 Central Avenue, Albany, NY 12206


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